Day 29: New lot of Posts and Blogs I like!63 days to go!

Kat doodles about life and recommends:

I better get this post out quickly as I am starting to feel quite sleepy. I ended skyping up last night with my very good friend, who currently lives in Belgium, pretty much in the middle of nowhere less than an hour from Brussels. We finished at nearly 3am, when I was falling asleep on my keyboard. He is pretty much the male version of me. So if you are reading my blog, you get the idea quickly of what sorts of intellectual chats we have wondering about our love lives, spontaneous journeys out and about around the world and by the locals back home labeled as the weird foreign ones. So anyway that meant today as one of my very few days off in the last few weeks I ended up cleaning my room, doing washing and slowly pottering around the house. I managed to wrap those beautiful presents for my beautiful little girls, when I was their au pair and hoping to send them tomorrow. The wrapping paper was really cool (bought in WHSmith) and really made me want to get some presents myself (thinking oooh it is my nameday soon!) If you are wondering what is nameday, it is a day when all the people of the same name celebrate the day. And of course you get your birthday and we also celebrate the 1st June – Children’s Day. Schools usually prepare fun games and there is no teaching, just playing and fun going on. Oh lucky those Czechs. So with nameday just to finish the idea, when you are a child it is considered small or equally same celebration with cake and presents as your birthday. As you get older, it is a really good excuse to go out and let your hair down. You do not expect too many presents, it is more about socializing. We have a calendar with names for each day, so perhaps I could do a post if people tell me/send me an e-mail with their names, I can prepare a post and give you a reason to go out. I bet now you are all excited. Let me have a little think about, but feel free to start sending your names in.


I also did a bit of social networking and reading through my blog and post notifications, which arrived in my mailbox over the last seven days. I tried to increase the number of Post I like you can actually see, but WordPress won’t let you see more than 15. When I counted them, I discovered I like 29 of them. That is a lot of love for 7 days!!! (Blame the Maison Bentley Style Party-  no, no I am only joking, obviously that was great as it spreads the message about other bloggers much faster).

I have a little surprise for all the fashion bloggers tomorrow since I went through the whole list and most of them were fashion themed. So I guess prepare yourself for the worst since I am the opposite of fashionista. I though I will be writing a post with my take on fashion…

So here is what I enjoyed this week:

Learner Mother

The Culture Monk

Blog Party:

fashion: and  (very special like for this one, as I got inspired to soon write about my frugal experience I had in the past. ) (I follow the blog) 

Interiors, home decor, arty things: (I follow the blog) (I follow the blog)


not sure how to label it:


9 thoughts on “Day 29: New lot of Posts and Blogs I like!63 days to go!

  1. Chas Spain says:

    Really kind of you to put a link here Kat to my blog and thanks for saying that it’s in your like group! Nice to find your blog here too – will be keen to see where your design plans take you.

    • katdesigner says:

      That is perfectly fine, I also particularly enjoy your “Drawings of life”. They have great energy, you should definitely explore tht path more. I had tutor for life drawing making us use similar techniques and they were the best classes I ever had.

      Thank you for your kinds words too- I am keen to see, where it takes me too..nearly third in… but things are moving,so that’s a result for now already

  2. Thank you so much for spotlighting my posts, dear Maison Bentley Style Blog After Party guest, and for following my blog, made in Marseille, France (where I love to celebrate my nameday, on August 15th, as my 1st name comes from “Mary”, and, yep, it’s a national holiday) ! X

  3. katdesigner says:

    I really like your blog, between all the fashion themed ones, I think yours has got lot of inspiration. Exciting to look, all about themes, colours etc., especially the category labeling. It is something I would look at when researching for a theatre show etc. And regarding name Mary- we have Marie and she would celebrate nameday 12th September. Kat xx

  4. […] 1. What is your real name? Please send me a quick e-mail with your name to as  I will be preparing a nameday post soon (about two weeks time) and telling people, when to celebrate the day of their name. Simply explained something like a second birthday. If you are still unsure what I am on about, read this post: Day 29: The new lot of Posts and Blogs I like! 63 days to go! […]

  5. longandluxe says:

    Thank you so dear Kat, for sharing a link to my blog! I am so glad you enjoyed it (and the Maison B party – wasn’t it fun?!) I look forward to following your adventures and I’ll be wishing you all the very best, love!! xx

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