Dreams about new home.

Kat gets arty:

Last month I attended my friend’s housewarming party in Pontcanna, which is really lovely area to live in. Houses have a lot of character and trees along the Cathedral Road make it even more welcoming. This party made me think about life after uni. How grown up we all get no matter what and how we can finally make a stamp in our lives. Her new home is really beautiful. Full of old pieces of furniture, some new and some upcycled and definitely full of little character pieces  like bird guarding key to the garden or collection of butterflies and photographs from traveling. Personally I can’t wait for that moment one day, when I decorate my own home. Living in shared houses for the last eight years was fun, but sometimes it would be great just knowing that it is completely 100% Yours. How about You?

Filmmaker to watch!

Kat recommends (to watch):

One of my best friends Jan Sipek, who is a filmmaker and I believe a genius and workaholic too, recommended me a book, which changed my life quite recently. It’s called Getting Things Done. Don’t worry I will dedicate one whole post to it.  But now I want to tell you about Jan. You will find his filmography at  http://eldar.cz/kangaroo/filmy/  and I certainly recommend to watch his award winning film Fighting the brain. He is the one to watch and I am sure You will hear about him in the future.

Everyday life in a drawing.

Kat recommends:

My friend Amanda is interested in the area of Pontcanna in Cardiff and she recently started new art project. If You would like to check out her illustrations catching everyday life in this pretty part of Cardiff go to http://www.amandabathory.com/


Kat recommends:

Talking upcycling, check out blog recommended by my friend Alice, who is an interior designer  http://greenfancy.blogspot.co.uk Interesting ways how to turn old maps for example into hot looking lampshades.

One happy horse!

Kat gets arty: 

Mission or rather purpose of this blog seems to be working quite well. Although I know I could be more efficient, the thought of nearly 50 people reading this made me certainly think more and do lot more stuff. So here is what I was up to this week:  When I was in my third and final year of college, I worked on my own production called Little Sweep written by Benjamin Britten. It was this beautiful opera for children touring around Welsh venues. Little boy called Sam got stuck inside the chimney, when working for his cruel master. Sam gets rescued by children living in the house, where he is working. The theme of the show was designed around Regency and Victorian period and we did use lot of lot wooden toys. One of them was my director’s rocking horse, which needed little bit of TLC. For the show I managed to fix few things, but then it got forgotten and it wasn’t until now, when he called me and wanted it back. So I just used a bit of magic and here we are You can look at the pictures of the horse after makeover.Image

I am just lost in a translation and an explanation!

Kat doodles about about life:

I would like Thank to everyone, who read my first post. So far 47 visitors, from three different countries! Brilliant! Keep up and stay tuned! The fact I would like mention also is for You to excuse my English in upcoming posts. I am not a native speaker and never will be. As much as I would like to, believe me! Somehow speaking in English gives me this strange sense of freedom and I can express myself quite clearly whilst still be able to use my phrase: „I am just lost in translation and an explanation.“ Oh yes, many of You heard before. So although by living here for many years,  I do not think I will ever get to that point that proofreading is not necessary. So ‘have a little patience” . Personally I was just well excited to post my first piece of work. For You, who secretly enjoy my stream of random words, thank You for telling me in person. It made me feel really great.