Post 28: From London to Paris! 94 to go!

Kat doodles about life:

So here it is, I am off to Paris today. Obviously it would not be me without drama and even with plenty of time to leave to get the afternoon bus to London and evening Eurostar train to Paris. At the end I still had to take the taxi to get to the centre and push the driver little bit as he arrived 20 minutes later. He actually did manage to catch the bus on its way to Bristol and I just about made it. Although I left my house keys at home, so not a great start. My return time will be 2am.

Once I was at Victoria, it was all fine. I made sure I give myself plenty of time to get to Pancras International. With a stop to the shop and some extra walking around due to some work in the underground, it took me about an hour to get there. On the way back I wash rushing and with hardly anyone around about 11pm it took me about 20 minutes. I was fairly surprised how nice the St.Pancras station is. Combination of red brick and glass made it look really welcoming. And whilst walking to the platforms you could hear someone playing piano, which is just there standing for the pleasure of visitors waiting to be used.

Border control happened to be without any problems, really quick and walk in the park compare to flying I would say. I did not even have to take my shoes off. Extra points for that. I made my way to the right platform. It was so exciting. This grand station hall suddenly opens up for you and you may enter this silver metal train in a shape of Shinkansen. Obviously not the real one, but that sort of style of speedy pointy train. Not noticing the entrance number of your coach is actually written on the platform floor, I followed the numbers on the train. I got to number 5 right at the front of the train, but there were no other four coaches. Definitely a newbie moment, when the steward came out and pointed at the floor. Ok nevermind, let’s move on and walk back again.

We left London exactly 18:01 and 18:53 we entered France via Eurotunnel. I have always been amazed by that construction achievement and it does feel quite haunting, when you travel on the bus, which enters a train, which then moves with you under the sea. To find out more about the history, visit this link I have been very surprised how comfortable the seats are and how fast the train is, but you can still enjoy the views unless you are travelling through tunnels, which seems to be the deal for most the journey whilst in the UK. We had another hour and half before reaching Paris, so I just spend the time enjoying the countryside views really looking forward to my first break after four years if I do not count holidays back home.


21:30 of French time, we arrive! Whoop, whoop. I can instantly feel the temperature difference of 4-5 degrees Celsius higher, it is pretty hot even it is late evening. Reunited with my girlfriend we headed to the ticket office and she explains I can get a card for a week, which gives me unlimited travel around Paris by tube (metro), bus, RER. It costs around 20 euros. I knew I could just buy 10 tickets, but this gave me lot more flexibility even when using it just for one stop. The actual pass, where you stick your photo in (any profile photo printed from an office printer), costs about 5 euros and next time you come to Paris, you only need to buy that week pass again.


By getting off a stop earlier I got to view the Paris beauty shining like a bright star, smelling the spring in the air and I could not wait to sit in those seats of people outside bars drinking wine. Talking late into the night, we have organized our timetable for a week ahead to see when we can share the time together or when I am let to my own devices. I can barely fall asleep. I am beyond excited, like a child before Christmas Day. Salut Paris, je suis ici. xx


5 thoughts on “Post 28: From London to Paris! 94 to go!

  1. I would love to go to Paris 😦 Soo many places i need to go to.

    Thanks for the post! interesting read!

  2. Jess says:

    Have a wonderful week, great to hear the journey went well!

  3. Camille says:

    Well I have just read this post. =)=)=)=)=)

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