Post 31: Resolutions Review March! 91 to go!

Kat doodles about life and reviews month of March as part of 3 Days challenge:

Alright, I will make it slightly more clearer, why I have not really been round. Trust me, it is embarrassing and painful enough to know I have about twenty or more posts to catch up on and that I am writing March review in May. WHAT? REALLY? Since coming back from holidays in Paris I have been part of this very intense French language course, for about three hours a day on top of my daily stuff to do and right now it looks my life is about to change quite dramatically. Knowing myself that I get way too excited, I am now going to try take step back from my newly rediscovered passion, go back to my usual duties and think like an adult. Like that is even possible in my case.

Design career–  Not much going on in March either. Darwin is still on the wall. My life has been taken over by catering, club and language work. However I did manage to do few quick sketches during one of my bus journey home. However I did quite a bit of discovering in London and in Paris and that has definitely inspired me, not just artistically, but also in personal life.

Blog every three days– That has been ok in March, but by the end of the month it all went a bit out of the window. As I have explained, there is a legitimate reason for me being late.

Translating blog into Czech– That is an epic fail. I have not done anything to do with this and in the last few days I was thinking of looking at it and perhaps even deleting it. I might give it more another time. For now one blog is more than enough.

Social networking– I have not been doing anything else extra apart from sharing my posts and trying to read posts of my favourite bloggers. I did mention newly discovered blog Karren Gillmore Art. It will make you smile.

Teaching and interpreting– I had quite a lot of interpreting sessions, which was great. Regarding the teaching situation, I have met up with few new people, but unfortunately it did not work out due to their busy work  load. I also bought several different books from at our book club at work including searching for bargains in discounted book shop store.

Most importantly I rediscovered again my passion for French, when visiting Paris. I have always had a big thing for this country and it is on my list of places to live/visit. Somehow I ended up here for the last ten years.  Not that I am complaining either. I learned French for two years as a teenager, but never quite found the right motivation and the pace to take it in so quickly. As with English I need to learn for a reason and by doing lot of practicing in real life and situations. I suggest you learn the phrase “I am sorry. Do you speak any English? I only speak little bit of French.” (“Excusez-moi, s’il vous plaît! Parlez-vous l’anglais? Je parle français un peu.”) . When you say this and after keep pointing at the map or wave with a menu, French will be lot more open to be helpful. If you throw away your request at them in English, they will run away with even saying Désolé (Sorry). One man was so eager to try to speak with me in English, when I asked for directions, he literally walked with me for two minutes to the right place. As my mother always said: “Being kind and polite will take you far”. And so far it has worked.

Learning how to drive– Nothing on the driving news either. As I have told you last time, I am saving money and once I can, I will crack on with it in one go.

New people, new opportunities– During the month of March I have become quite increasingly in a need of escape for few different reasons. I have not been on holiday for four years, I had too much work load going on, family and friends issues at home and turning one more year older did not quite help in my list of things increasing the social pressure on what to do with my life. So I packed my bag and after my birthday in London, where I highly recommend to visit Princes Louise pub and Duck& Waffle bar, I took my first Eurostar train to Paris. Away from everything and everyone especially, I  really had a wonderful week and since then I have been walking around with a big smile on my face once again. To the point my cheeks are really hurting now.

Learning Autocad, Sketchup, creating a website, saving money– Nothing on the Autocad and website thing either, but since I worked so much, I have managed to put some money away. It could be lot more, but then I went on holiday. Mind you, I did have my budget and was very well surprised to find out at the end, I still had left to treat my friend as a Thank you for letting me stay.

Overall I guess March was not great moving on with my resolutions, but I had so much of my other work and too much to think about in my head, there really was not much time to do other stuff. Oh well, let’s see what I got up to next month then!

With love Kat xx



2 thoughts on “Post 31: Resolutions Review March! 91 to go!

  1. Sounds like hectic and busy month you have had.

  2. Becca says:

    Life gets in the way some times but hey thats life!! Paris is lovely, I visited last summer. Such a beautiful city. Although a tad too busy for my liking!

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