My Journey on Becoming Full-time (Interior/Theatre) Designer. Why Am I Making Blog About This???

So here is the deal. I graduated nearly two years ago and received BA(Hons) in Theatre Design. I have been working on few shows as an assistant, did some scenic painting and made few props for designers and companies including BBC, Scenery Hire or Greenwich Theatre  and worked on some interior design makeover too. But times are bad and people like to make lot os excuses (well including me) and as they have not been paying on time and I couldn’t really get any other job, I run into debts and bank was right behind my back. So year later I decided to move back Bristol, where I lived before moving to Wales to do my degree.

Well with what happened in this economic climate, it wasn’t as easy finding a job. Well let me specify that even to hand out my cv. I am sure many of you had the same problem. I am originally from The Czech Republic and when I arrived nearly 8 years to the UK, restaurants and agencies were giving out forms like they have no one working for them and it wasn’t really a problem if you tried within three days having a proper job. But things changed now. So what I did is called my old catering agency I worked for nearly three years and they gave me back my old job straight away.

Now nearly a year later I am still working for them. And I am grateful they keep me on their books. My boss tells me I am a star for the work I do. Little does she know I certainly don’t feel like that. Washing dishes, serving customers and cleaning surfaces with D10 is not quite  what I had in mind when I was sat at my graduation all dressed up for the occasion that I will be still doing two years later after that moment. I am certainly not trying to complain that I have a job, it is just not the job I paid thousands of pounds to obtain the education for. So I have decided to start a blog and look for a design job. This is how I can be always reminded that now You all reading this, know about this purpose, so you can give me the push to get of my bottom and do something about it. Perhaps it will be a helpful way to others, who feel they same way and just don’t know where to start. I always say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. And having few low moments in my life, I am taking this as new big challenge on My Journey on Becoming Full-time (Interior/Theatre) Designer.