27: London Adventure with Jan Kraus!

Kat doodles about life:

We all need adventures in our lives and this trip to London was definitely going to be one of them. I surprised myself and managed to get up after last night’s celebration. With my friend we got on the bus knowing we are returning on the 7:30 am the next day without any accomodation booked. How typical and exciting! It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday, spring in the air and we were heading up to the third zone somewhere in North London, which after fifteen minutes of walk away from the tube station, felt more like a village in the countryside rather then The City.

After lovely visit and catch up, we then returned back to central London and met up with one my very arty friends in a pub she recommended. Princess Louise, near Holborn station. I have never been in such a place. You walk in and the bar is central based, but to find your seating space or your friends you have to walk through each section built running along the bar. Victorian period features and cheap drinks are great addition to the must visit list. If we had more time, I can definitely imagine myself there for lot longer.


Now we are finally getting to the long anticipated reason why we actually went to London in the first place. It was the great Show of Jan Kraus. For good few years he counts as one of the best TV presenters (as well as being an actor) in The Czech Republic. He is very popular with his unpredicateble questions, sarcasm and closely follows your answers with witty comments. He usually invites three guests and since this was a “British version”, they were most likely to have Czech and British connection. The first guest was a Chelsea golman Petr Cech. They have obviously talked about football and life in the UK in general, also making a cheeky comment about the latest performance of Chelsea. The next guest was Milena Grenfell-Baines, who told her moving story of being a sent child on Mr Winton’s last train and how she eventually found out who Mr Winton was. I have to say with admiration after living a lifetime in the UK, her Czech is immaculate. Last but not least guest was an artist Mila Furstova, who was lucky to meet the Queen, telling us about the experience.

The evening was such a great fun, I had big smiles from the beginning to the end and pretty much the whole night afterwards. When you live in Prague, it is not a problem to get tickets to this regular show, but to manage to get them for one these two shows on just one night, it was pure luck. They have gone literally within 2-3 days once the message spread around online. Here are few pictures from the evening as Mr Jan Kraus and his wife, sitting in the audience, and Mr Petr Cech came out after the show and were really lovely and willing to take photographs with the audience, so here are some of my “treasures”. (All photos, copyright: Mr Sawlid)


small pics

Sunday  evening, nearly midnight we headed towards Liverpool Street Station on the recomendation of my friend that there should be a 24-hour pub open and similar kind of a late bar, but fancy. So we have discovered literally opposite the main entrance there is a 24 hour pub. I guess good to know if anyone ever runs out of places to go on a night out. However we thought let’s go for the fancy option since we treated the day out as a holiday and we were whisked of  by the speedy glass lift to the 40th floor of a very tall building not even a minute away from there, probably three times the average skyline of London. You can enjoy the fantastic panorama of London at Duck&Waffle bar, which at night was just absolutely amazing. In case you get hungry, feel free to pop in to the sushi restaurant two floors down. Surpringly for Sunday midnight it was fairly busy inside, so watched busy bar staff making variety of fabulous looking cocktails. The night and all the lights inside and outside made it pretty magical, so if you are looking for fantastic views and evening to remember, I definitely recommend visiting.

When we were asked to leave about 3am, when they were closing, we did not actually get very far. Instead of heading to the 24h pub, we decided to stay in the park in front of the church, which is literally just opposite. It was one of the first really warm nights, so we just sat on the bench, talking and enjoying the simple things in life. We then started slowly walking towards the Thames through the financial district. We walked all along the river towards the Millenium Bridge, we crossed to get to Tate Modern and then walked along until we reached London Eye and Westminster Bridge by the Parliament to walk across again and headed towards Victoria Station. By that point we got surrounded by more and more people rushing and walking past on that Monday morning, whilst we timed it perfect with catching the bus back to Bristol.

I have been to London quite a few times, but I have never experienced it so calm, quiet, just with the beauty of lights and darkness and with people you can share those moments with. It was almost like a scene from a sci-fi film, because there was literally no one on the street. If you ever want to experience London that way, I guess Sunday night between midnight and 6 am is just perfect.

Love Kat xx


3 thoughts on “27: London Adventure with Jan Kraus!

  1. Oh wow sounds like your trip to the big smoke was a lot of fun 🙂

    Laura x

  2. Erika says:

    Sounds like you had such a lovely time and so much fun!

  3. Esmeralda says:

    What a fantastic time you had. Yep, i remember my pre-mum life, we’d go out til sun comes up, so beautiful!!!!

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