Post 24: Karen Makes Me Smile! 98 to go!

Kat doodles about life and recommends:

So here I am today, writing another blog post, catching up with the other two I am missing and other things I have scheduled into to do in my diary. Last night and today have been filled with replying to comments on my blog and reading other people’s work. There are so many interesting posts and it is really sad there is not enough hours in a day to read all of them.  So every day I am trying to go through the pile until  my eyes cannot take anymore. There is one blog I really would like to mention, because since following it, it always makes me smile and I guess that is useful to everyone.

The owner is Karen Gillmore Art and she creates wonderful comic stories inspired by events from her life. They always make me laugh, so if you are feeling rather down, I highly recommend popping over. Her muse Iris will certainly brighten up your day. She also does wonderful watercolours, illustrations and other artwork, so more joy will be brought to your eyes. You can check out her blog right here.

Working through my list I dealt with my receipts, managed to send little bit of money into another saving account and planned spending of next few weeks. Apart from creating artwork, there is a long list of other companies or things related to do design I should do, so I spent the afternoon searching for companies, which may be useful in the future and sending e-mails to get things going.

Finally I moved onto something I have been worrying for quite a while. I am not really going to go much into details, but being away from the family can cause friction and sometimes I do feel guilty for not being there. I wrote two very long e-mails to few family members and although I feel light as a feather right now that I got things off my chest, it will probably cause more drama. But hey as they say, you can’t choose your family and can’t choose your neighbours.

Tomorrow I am off to town interpreting, so that will get me out of the house and then it is back to full on weekend at work. Back soon. Love Kat

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