PF 2013!

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My dear readers! I hope You all had wonderful Christmas- full of joy, with plenty of food to eat and wine to drink and perhaps few pleasantly unexpected events may have happened to You. In my first post of 2013 I would like to wish all of You all the best in upcoming adventures- in life or at work and I hope that year 2013 will be positive and even better for everybody the same way as 2012 was for me.

Finally, I hope that this year everyone will catch as many falling stars as possible to make their dreams come true!

PF 2013

PF 2013

Now in true Kat’s style I have also prepared a little quiz for everybody. It is 8th January, so little fun brainteaser won’t do any harm. Last year it has been shared only with selected group of friends and I got very positive feedback, so this year I decided it to share with everyone. Since I write a blog about my design journey, it kind of makes sense. And looking back I have to admit I was very pleased how it went. Now have a look each picture, have a guess what the drawings could represent and when You think You got it, just look below the image and compare with answers.

All the best and lots of love, Kat xxx

quiz 2012

quiz 2012

1. In December and January I went home to The Czech Republic to see my friends and family for late Christmas. I certainly celebrated the holidays in style as my earliest arrival to my mum’s flat was 5 am and the latest one was 2:45 pm. It is only once a year, so why not?! As soon as back in Britain I returned to my sensible way, filling my first ever tax return and becoming slightly obsessed with David Allen and his book Getting Things Done.

2. Mr. Allen had some positive influence on me and I started to get into the idea of passing a language certificate of some kind, not because I would need to, but my family has been insisting on it for years. So to start with I went and got the Collins Dictionary of English Language (TK Maxx bargain for £7.99). On more positive and fun side of this month my friends Rich and Liz got married and we all certainly enjoyed that very beautiful wedding, seeing the stunning bride, and tasting fab food reception and well chosen wine.

3. Becoming 27 was less freaky than 26. Well at least that is out of the way for another year! Anyway after 12 years of being loyal to the most used Czech e-mail provider, I have had enough of deleting unwanted mail from my account, and moved on to Gmail. Also since becoming a design graduate and trying to explain my full name to people it became too much of hard work. So here it is, please delete any addresses You may have, this is the one and only :

4. I must be mad! I have applied for Certificate of Proficiency in English. There is no turning back! Unless someone can medically confirm I broke my leg and I cannot attend. I paid the fee and now the whole world is going to find out how bad my English is. But this country has been my home for eight years, so really I should stop freaking out. I also got little retrospective from one of my best friends Petr, who flew over for the first time ever, and celebrated his birthday here too. It was great being a tour guide and introducing British culture as something completely unknown to him.

5. May welcomed us with extremely high temperatures. Too high for my liking! Mind You the heat did not stop me from starting this blog. And running it ever since. Someone could probably call it a moment of madness.

6. Queen has been running the country for the last 60 years and everyone celebrated in great style. It was a beautiful sunny day, so extra excuse to drink some Pimm’s and get out for picnic. I volunteered at the fair in Salisbury with InBristol Studio and we all had fab time making flowers, costumes and music instruments. The heat of these two months must have done something to me and I started Czech version of this blog.

7. InBristol Studio invited me to work with them at the ClayPlay tent during the Harbourside Festival, so that was another great art event added to my list of this year. Obviously we had Olympics happening. And finally after four months of agonizing pain since submitting my application, I received my result saying I passed with flying marks. I am telling You more scary than passing A-levels or degree.

8. I have always loved France, French language, French men, French wine and cheese.  Now in order to find the French husband with vineyard and cheese factory and lively happily ever after, I decided to start brush up on my French language skills and found fantastic French lawyer to be Camille. We became very good friends and frequently take our lessons out of our homes into the real world.” Camille, tu es mon étoile! ! ”

9. September was very exciting month! I started new course Designing for Interiors! Our tutor Angela turned out to be an angel and I have been hooked to her classes since day one. I have also got myself an interior design project, redesign garden shed into a gentleman’s hideaway. Although since September up until now, we have been dealing with the pile of hoard and getting rid of it. Nearly there and exciting spring ahead. Lastly I have managed to start dealing with finances and sleep like a baby now.

10. October was mainly about the using the opportunity when having offered work experience at Harvey Nichols in Bristol store. We were setting up Christmas windows displays with Japanese feel to them and working in very tight spaces. Very exciting times!

11. Thanks to finding the courage and speaking to Head of Drama in one of the colleges, where I worked in another role, I did end up giving couple of lectures on theatre design process and it felt amazing!!! Making young people excited about doing something with real great passion was really rewarding.  I had a great feedback and will be doing the same for Art department very soon. At the same time I was helping out to a great theatre designer Madeleine Girling with her show Hey Diddle Diddle at the Bristol Old Vic. Nursery rhymes turned into wonderful piece of theatre.

12. As some of You know there is always something exciting happening in my life, but I guess this time I can really call it fireworks. But for now I will keep it to myself and perhaps let you know next time.

I hope You had fun!

P.S. How was Your 2012? Could You describe it the same way as me?