Post 26: Kat Is Back! 96 to go!

Kat doodles about life:

So I am back! And I am siting down after nearly three weeks away from the computer ready to tell you what happened. As you may have noticed I was not exactly happy bunny in the recent weeks, even months you could say. Somehow I have let the bad talk and gossip affect me way too much with addition of all the other stuff going on.

Knowing I need to get away from all this, I booked holiday in Paris to see some friends for a week, so straight away after my planned trip to London, I packed my bag the next day and left on Eurostar train to the land of wine and cheese. It was so amazing and I will tell you all about it in the next few posts, so you can perhaps get inspired for your next holidays.

Before going away, on Friday I had my last shift in the club and having to do few errands in town, so I decided to go to work  in the evening by bus instead of usual cycling. Well good idea that was as I happened to get nice big bottle of Champagne, flowers, cards and got little tipsy after having a little drink just before customers leave at the end of the night. I certainly would not be able to carry all that on the bike. It was so lovely to see that there are still people, who care so much. What a great start to the birthday weekend I thought.

Back soon. Kat xx

wpid-IMG_20140413_174243.jpg wpid-IMG_20140413_174440.jpg wpid-IMG_20140413_174520.jpg



3 thoughts on “Post 26: Kat Is Back! 96 to go!

  1. Yay!! Happy birthday!! xxx

  2. Great to hear your trip to Paris went well! In yet another co-incidence (I’ve lost count how many you and I have had…), it is likely my wife’s and my next trip will be to Paris too – we’re talking about it.

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