Post 29: What to See in Paris?! 93 to go!

Kat doodles about life and recommends, where to go in Paris:

Here I am with my first post about what I have been up to in Paris.  I have been very distracted for the last month, so I am sorry it took so long.

Before leaving, one of my friend shared this great Guardian link with me about top 10 free things to do in Paris. Wherever I go, I tend to discover the city in my own way, so this was a great way how to see the gems without paying a fortune. Here is a quick list for now with some extra tips from me.

1. Free Sundays- “First Sunday of the month” scheme tends to let visitors into museums and other places for free. However it sounds like no longer to be the truth or it is only for some of them. I suggest you check the website for each particular sightseeing you want to visit before getting disappointed. The plan to see something on that particular Sunday went out of the window, so I could not actually check myself.

2. Parc de la Villete- open air cinema. Obviously not in season yet. However try July and August.

3. Jardin de Luxemburg- beautiful gardens and park, on a sunny day, perfect hiding place from busy Paris.

4. Love Wall- nearby Sacre Coeur and Montmartre. “I love you” written down in many different languages.

5. Cathedral Notre Dame- you are allowed to go inside and also take photographs without flash. However if you fancy taking a look from the top, feel free to join a paid queue and walk to the top.

6. Pere Lachaise cemetery- easily spent day searching for graves of famous people. As bizarre it may sound, the place is very calming, surrounded with beautiful pieces of architecture and sculptures and during sunset flooded with light.

7. Atelier Brancusi- the exhibitions are paid, but to visit his studio is free. Open daily apart from Tuesday 2-6pm.

8. Walk La Promenade Plantee- personally for me it was amazing. One of the things you should definitely do on a sunny day in Paris without even questioning.

9. Late night picnic- when I went to Paris the first time, about four years ago, one of my friends told me that the only place allowed for drinking is along the Seine, especially this little island near the bridge Pont Neuf. Personally I am not sure if that is the safest idea just by the river, but I am sure the French know what they are doing.

10. Fashion Show at Galeries La Fayette- I have tried to go and see one, but they had only one planned at 3pm and it was already booked out. If you have passion for fashion (not like me), book early to avoid disappointment.

I am sure I have come across other free things during my seven days there, so stay tuned for more information in upcoming posts.

First things first, a map. My friend has given me a print out of this old map of Paris. In case you also fancy one of these prints too, although perhaps not always accurate, but great for general idea, where the sightseeings are, go to this page. This particular one is from 1919. For today and other upcoming posts, I have drawn my walk in red line, so just so we are clear, what I am talking about next time.

With love Kat xx

paris map


4 thoughts on “Post 29: What to See in Paris?! 93 to go!

  1. Thanks Kat – that’s an excellent list!

  2. Erika says:

    I have been to Paris once before and it is incredible. Great list!

  3. I love Paris. Top of my list is Disney 🙂

  4. Karolina says:

    Jardins de Luxemburg- probably my favourite place in Paris; great for a picnic and people watching.

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