Day 79: Problem finally solved! 13 days to go!


Kat doodles about life:


‘Tinteweb’. I have been going on about it for the last nearly three weeks and even I am bored of it now. I hope that for my own sake, this is the last time I am mentioning it. Yesterday, before and after the lesson, it stopped working again. I have moved the furniture around, set up all the cables, swapped netgear boxes, switched of router and mac mini countless times. Still nothing! Not even one bar. It got me thinking what was it,what made it work, when I moved it temporarily. Perhaps it may be the bookcase right next to the wall causing the problem, which was not there previously. Messages about airport connection were on every time and then it hit me. Eureka. Airport is inside the machine. And I tried the machine in a different position, when placed on the bed. So I moved my mac mini less than a meter away, closer to the router direction and from nothing it went to 4 bars! Right now it is late at night and it the connection has not dropped once since I have changed it around early evening, not even during streaming videos. Problem solved. I wonder what Mr. Sheldon Cooper would say to this?!


So I connected all the other equipment, run lot of cables around, but they will need sorting out, so I just wait to get more time to clear my room. Tonight I have been mostly creative with my dinner, creating space in my room and organizing next few weeks meeting up with friends over potato salad and drinks having fun Christmas.  Back tomorrow. Kat xx