Post 25: Quick Sketching! 97 to go!

Kat gets arty:

Today, on the way from an interpreting assignment, I used the bus journey to practice quick sketching. Anything between 10 to 20 seconds whilst sitting at the top of the doubledecker. Back soon. Kat

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Day 48: Sunday in silence! 44 days to go!


Kat is silent and doodles about life:



I am attempting to write this post for the third time and nothing seems to capture quite well yet the tranquil moments of today. I have experienced total silence. Meaning apart from a shop assistant serving me, when scanning the coupons, which would otherwise run out today and I would lose out on £11 of savings. Apart from her I have not talked to anyone. Not even watching videos and songs on the internet, I ended up maiming to them. Not purposely, so I can write about it. It was just something, when I suddenly felt that I would spoil the beauty of the silence. I listened to the sound of keyboard, sizzling frying pan, boiling kettle, squeaky doors and beautiful quiet house. Listening to those sounds felt the same way you may perhaps when sitting in the darkness of theatre being sucked into the story hearing a pin drop falling and then someone suddenly coughs.


When I was a child, me and my sister, both Aries, used to be so loud whilst running around we would drive our pretty saint mother to many points of madness. She would wish for silence sending us to the forest behind our country home to calm down. Being quiet sounded totally as something impossible to achieve. The worst were the Christmas dinners, when she would pray in silence and I could not stop giggling. Very irresponsible and disrespectful, I know. But to me it was that awkwardness of silence. Until I finally got to the point myself.

I now love silence and to many of you knowing me personally this must sound like from a sci-fi movie as I simply never shut up. Well I do. When I am alone. When I work. When I eat. When I cycle. When I concentrate on something really hard to the point I look angry. When I meet someone cute I fancy, I am definitely lost for words. When I meet people, who I can see by looking at their Eastern European bone structures of cheeks or from conversation they have, I smile and it leaves people little puzzled. Or simply when I do not know what to say or how to answer a question, and do not want to be involved within an argument.

I have figured out that being silent is sometimes more powerful than any word used. I guess naming Kate Moss or Victoria Beckham speaks for itself. When sometimes working in the club and I do give to the disrespectful customers ‘the look’, it does enough more than thousand words. And my “do not mess with me” surname just adds that little extra cherry on top. So in silence turning to my glass of wine, I am leaving today’s post wishing you very lovely day ahead. Kat xx day 48