I am just lost in a translation and an explanation!

Kat doodles about about life:

I would like Thank to everyone, who read my first post. So far 47 visitors, from three different countries! Brilliant! Keep up and stay tuned! The fact I would like mention also is for You to excuse my English in upcoming posts. I am not a native speaker and never will be. As much as I would like to, believe me! Somehow speaking in English gives me this strange sense of freedom and I can express myself quite clearly whilst still be able to use my phrase: „I am just lost in translation and an explanation.“ Oh yes, many of You heard before. So although by living here for many years,  I do not think I will ever get to that point that proofreading is not necessary. So ‘have a little patience” . Personally I was just well excited to post my first piece of work. For You, who secretly enjoy my stream of random words, thank You for telling me in person. It made me feel really great.