Day 41: Sunday catching up! 51 days to go!

Kat doodles about life:

So yesterday I woke up really late again, getting up sometime after lunch. I have been doing so many long hours for the last ten days, it has been taking the most of my energy. I did the usual cleaning, washing, cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner at the same time.I did a bit of banking, receipts, cleared few e-mails from my account as they are piling up, especially since I signed up to notifications to blogs I like and caught up with my a bit of weekend tv catch up.


Talking tv I also got to see a really nice film this weekend. I know what are you thinking, I thought she was busy, but this is about 2:30 am, when I got back from work. You do need to chill out little bit after listening to eighties songs all night. So the film is Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. Now I am not really into dogs, but within five minutes I got into watching it. I t is a really lovely story, how a puppy finds its new owner and how they become best friends. And what happens after a one certain tragic day. It shows the companionship and loyalty, which dogs offer for many years. I did try really hard not to, but I shed few tears at the end. Here is the video on Youtube, but the sound is not very clear sometimes, so feel free to search other sources.


Day 31: Costume store organizing, start on a paint job! 61 days to go!

Kat doodles about life and getting organized:

Here are some before and after doing some tidy up in costume store. I hope you can spot the difference. I have also done some priming of two  big signs, but they will be in next post. I guess I will give a little preview how theatre show happens.

costumes 1 costumes 2 mess1 mess2

Back tomorrow. I am off to work. Kat xx

Day 19: Having to blog on just a “normal” day! 73 days to go!

Kat doodles about life:

Ok, here it is. I know I decided to start this challenge on my blog in order to find creative job, but sometimes you ned to give yourself a day off from doing so, especially if this is a daily one. So I apologize in advance if you do not find this post very exciting to read. Sometimes you just need to do “normal” things, like “normal” people do. For example food shopping, cleaning, cooking, fixing stuff, organizing or simply doing nothing, because you are too exhausted. I woke up around lunchtime coming back from work at early hours of the morning, so it took a while to switch that “awake” mode on. Hoovering was needed, so threw myself into that task and finished the three floors of our house also by moping certain areas. As moving into this big house is a fairly recent event, we are still in the middle doing things up and moving furniture around, so that is kind of what happened this afternoon. We rearranged our kitchen, dining, sitting area so it feels lot more cosy, better solution for the winter period and we took time talking about other interior options. Being in a mood for cleaning I organized my shelving unit in a larder, cleaned my room and got ready a spare mattress for a friend, who is staying over tonight.

So although productive, but you can call it pretty average day. Before I run to work again, here are three pictures of something very simple and practical, which you may perhaps create yourself.  I did it, when I moved in, and got reminded of when making friend’s bed for the night. I was lucky to be able to decide what to do with my bed, as in rental properties you may not be so lucky, it comes in four sections. They are just those simple wooden structures, covered in fabric. I cut holes on both sides of the two out of four sections, and attached excess fabric to the frame with staple gun. With metal hooks attached all four pieces back together. I slotted in two found boards (or if you are lucky to find one, which fits) and put it inside to create extra storage space covering the whole half of bed. In half of created space I am storing shallow plastic box from Ikea with vases, mugs, other decoration. In the front half I am storing camping stuff, sleeping bag and rucksack. Things you may never need, or they need to be on hand, but nicely tucked away and hidden under pieces of calico inserted between the frame and the mattress. Might come up with more sophisticated solution for the furniture in the future, but it is certainly serving the purpose for now.

Back tomorrow. Kat xx

day 19 p1 day 19 p2 day 19p3