Day 10: Who read this blog? 82 days to go!

Kat doodles about life:

I am still trying to catch up with that one day I have not been able to post. So hopefully by the weekend it will be all back to normal. Being ill last week and able to work from home gave me enough time to be creative and write about. This week I have been working all week, went out twice, trying to be creatively productive and kept writing posts about until late at night. Just too much going on.

So the name of the post is ‘Who reads this blog?’. Recently I read similar post by one of my friends ‘Learner Mother‘, a lady I know for few years and she has lot more to juggle in life than I do. She wrote really lovely post about how people come up to her and tell her that they like the blog. She does not know how to deal with it and starts to behave a bit weird. I really enjoy her blogging too, so I kind of smiled it off thinking oooh she is so humble and cute, but did not really understand why she reacts that way. Well until the exact same experience happened to me this week.

I worked in this school, where I used to come very often as temp in the past, but I did have quite a long break as it comes and goes within the temping industry. Anyway this group of girls I would engage with during lunchtime sometimes ended up talking to me and they were very interested in what I do regarding arts etc. Some of them took my business cards to have a look online. Anyway time passes and now about ten months later I appear at the school again, meet these girls and they get really excited telling me: ‘We have been looking at your work and one of our friends is reading your blog every day. She thought one of your posts was really good and really liked it, so she read it out loud to a class’.  I went bright red, which was certainly obvious straight away as I was wearing white catering coat. I was so flattered. You may think what is such big deal about teenage girl reading someone’s blog. Well firstly she did not dismiss it based on the fact, she has to read foreigner’s English and secondly she liked it that much she thought the effort is worth sharing with more people. To me is really beautiful thing to do, so young lady if you are reading I am giving you massive THANK YOU! as you really made my day. You never know reads your blog, but you also never know what opportunity may come out of that. Making people aware of what you do, that you are available and can do the work is vital. Otherwise people assume you have a job and you are doing fine.

Saying that I also did have a meeting about production I might be collaborating on. It sounds really exciting, but can’t tell you anything until it really gets confirmed. That things are happening and rolling, I am having another meeting within the art department about future workshop, so  we will see about that too.

Have a lovely weekend and back tomorrow for more. Kat xx

day 10