Post 23: Birthday & Holiday Fever! 99 to go!


Kat wakes up and doodles about life:


Yes, my friend literally had to text me today to find out if I am alive as I have not been in touch for like a week! On Sunday whilst I was at work doing my last shift I got a text message from my potential student (and his girlfriend) that they cannot make the introduction session later on that afternoon. To be honest I was relieved as I had pretty enough already and was even glad to make it home on my bike.

I sat down, watched The Voice, drunk bottle of red and after sending unsuccessful text message demanding a company for the rest of the evening went to bed 9 pm. I had awesome 12 hours sleep and yesterday spent in the company of Mr Selfridge, Ricky Wilson from The Voice and skyping with one of my best male friends, who currently lives in Belgium talking about the usual issues of the world.



So today I thought there needs to be some more productivity. So I have tried to tidy up…(pretty good job, because I have managed to throw my passport behind the drawer with a printer on top if it without knowing exactly what is behind there), did food shopping and booked a place for my birthday party…yeay. Then I sent all the invitations and now I just need to hope that someone will turn up, so I won’t sit stupidly at that big table all on my own. I know this is very childish, but this year my birthday is also on Saturday and it is my first night off from the club since July last year, so that is pretty epic already. As you can tell I am pretty easy to please.

Few months ago I booked tickets to go and see a Czech actor/comedian/presenter, who is the equivalent of Jonathan Ross and Allan Carr, but lot more sarcastic. So Sunday journey to London will be rather interesting I guess. Plus the clock is changing and I never trust myself to be somewhere on time on days like these. As some of you already know after the performance me and my friend are heading to an all night party, so today I have also been looking at the tickets to back to Bristol. Straight after I am off for well long needed break. I won’t tell you where as I am planning to make it as a blog post! Trust me, you will be wishing you were there too. xx

In the last few days I got carried away shopping with book club again (for the purpose of the lessons of course!), but I will make that into another post. I have tried to make some sense of my bookcases today, however there is no space whatsoever, so no idea where all the new ones will go! Well I better go back to translating the goulash recipe for a chef at work and trying to find official explanation for the argument I am having with the dinner lady about “roast potatoes” or “roasted potatoes”! We kept laughing all weekend  when she kept giving me quiz question like what is “spider”, “architrave” or “bain marie”. Certainly made the days go pretty fast. Back soon. Love Kat





3 thoughts on “Post 23: Birthday & Holiday Fever! 99 to go!

  1. Nicol says:

    wish i was productive. i get lazy after work and have kept saying i need to tidy up for the past week. still hasnt happened haha

    • katdesigner says:

      For me the secret is having my youtube playlist fun and dance kind of music on,so it keeps me going. If I am tired after work,then just keep going after having a shower,not sitting down. If I allow myself to relax,then it goes pershape.:-)

  2. I need to be more productive! Slowly I am becoming productive but I’ve still got a long way to go – Lovely post 🙂 Sarah xx

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