Post 12: Where Has the Week Gone? 110 to go!

Kat doodles about life:

Hello everyone, I know I am few days late with posting, so I hope you can forgive me. I was hoping to enjoy my four days off, but instead I ended up running around doing way too many things as usual. Last night’s realization that it is Thursday already did not make me happy bunny thinking to myself where has the week gone?

So what I have been up to in the last few days? Since working full on last weekend I needed to catch up with my blog post number ten and the fact it was end of the month gave me perfect opportunity to review how I am doing with all the resolutions. It is really nice to see that I am progressing, no matter how little the steps are. Of course I know I can push myself lot harder, so the blog is perfect way of doing so and I am glad I am still going.

In the past few weeks design turned into a bit of a side line and my language jobs seem to be picking up lot more. I spent one evening going through list of vegetables and mushrooms, which I am sure have been mentioned already. Then on Thursday we kept working through the list with my student.  The second half of the lesson was dedicated to a quiz. I transcribed a recipe for Spaghetti Bolognese into simple list of ingredients and commands of how to make it. It got printed and cut into small pieces. I need to get him to start speaking more, so I told him once he solves the quiz, in next lesson he will be teaching me how to cook the dish. As you can guess, he was (not) amused and started to giggle fearing what will happen. I am sure he will be fine. Personally I prefer this practical way of learning the most as it makes the brain associate the words with certain actions or situations better. I reckon he was not happy with me either when we both went to the shop afterwards and I made him go and ask the member of staff where to find suet. Something we have talked about in the lesson and its use in British cuisine. Practice makes it perfect! 🙂

In one of the places I go to work they run a book club, where you can purchase books for discounted prices. Since teaching privately and not being very big fan of grammar myself I ended up flicking through a book Help Your Kids with Spelling and Grammar written by Carol Vorderman. I was very pleasantly surprised, not only by the price, but also by the way the book is written. I found it lot more user-friendly and certainly very different to all the actual language books we used to learn from at school back home. I understand they have to be different due to nature of the user , but certainly the grammar part looks lot more clearer. I only knew Carol from Loose Women until while ago I watched a program about her. I found out she also co-presented Countdown  in the past and has great knowledge of Maths. Plus she lives in Bristol, which means she is cool already!  Anyway jokes aside, I will see how I get on with book during the lessons and I guess even myself. As they say ‘ you learn something new every day’.


On Wednesday I went to Gloucester to work as an interpreter, so there is not much I can tell you about apart from the fact I spent the day on buses, trains and nearly getting blown off by the wind. I had to dress smart so instead of my usual bike jacket with a hoodie I had to opt for a brolly. It was classic Charlie Chaplin comedy sketch. I know why I do not bother with umbrellas in this country. Some of my friends suggested to go and see the Docks and the Cathedral, where Harry Potter was filmed, but the assignment went on for hours, so when I got out I was not in a very cheery mood and it became so dark, I decided to return straight back home. Feeling optimistic on the day I took my driving theory book with me to see if I can do a bit of studying during the train journey, but I also decided to take the latest issues of World of Interiors and Elle Decoration, which arrived in  the post. After the day out and about there was a clear winner and I spent the journey looking at pretty images of furniture and fabrics. Who can blame me, right?

Have a lovely weekend! Back soon. Kat xx

5 thoughts on “Post 12: Where Has the Week Gone? 110 to go!

  1. I can totally relate to your feelings when you just have to look smart… winter is not the most “smart” looking friendly, especially if you travel by public transport

  2. Hi Kat. That was funny to hear how you knew of Carol Vorderman, but wasn’t aware of her Countdown fame! Doing it for 26 years, from the start of the show, she is Countdown for many people. I wonder what common knowledge I don’t have though… and there’s little to say about my knowledge of the Czech Republic!

    BTW I was going to mention it at some point and Carol’s coming from Bristol (which I didn’t know) is a good point to do so: my Dad is from Bristol. I am not so familiar with the city, although I have visited a few times over the years. My grandparents live in Downend, and have done so for all my life. Whereabouts in Bristol do you live?

    • katdesigner says:

      You see Tim, I have only lived for the last 9.5 years in this country and Countdown was not on my radar until I got into watching Deal or No Deal. 🙂

      And btw. I live on the edge of Downend, Staple Hill and Fishponds, literally. So walking to my local pub Downend Tavern takes like 2 minutes and Cross Hands about 7 min. Next time you are planning to come to Bristol, let me know and we can meet up. The world is really small. 🙂 How funny.

      • Wow – Bristol isn’t small, and you’re so close to the bit I know best! Definitely – the next time I visit my grandparents, we can meet. Similarly, let me know if you visit Edinburgh, for the festival maybe.

      • katdesigner says:

        As you know the things, which happen to me are quite unbelievable. Absolutely let me know, But I think for now, focus on your extension (I guess there is no other option anyway 🙂 ). I like the idea of doing drawing journal of the process. Perhaps it may help you catch up with your drawing debt. I have one more to do and I am back on track finally. Good luck with everything. x

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