Post 6: One Day You Will Forget, Where You Left Your Head! 116 to go!


Kat doodles about life and gets arty:

My mother always used to say: “Kat, one day you will forget, where you left your head!” She was obviously commenting on my carelessness of homework I should have done, gloves I left God knows where and the obvious household chores I meant to be doing. Well there are some things we all know we forgot purposely, but we are just playing it cool. However recently I am little fearing I am forgetting more than I should be. Of course I know when to go to work and when to pay the bills, but I have noticed that I am getting overloaded with short-term memory.



I have adopted the David Allen paper note system, which works brilliantly, but there have been good few occasions, when I looked at the task, went on doing it, clicked on New Tab on my screen and thought: “What was I doing?” Feeling idiotic, I had to have little think, than looked at the paper again and went: “Oh yeah I know!” I mean seriously? At my age? What is going on? I can remember stupid little things, which happened weeks ago, but I cannot remember what to do right now?! I wrote all this out of anger just now after picking up my phone and realizing I have no idea what I was going to do. My head has been overloaded with quite few issues over the past weeks, which are quite important, so I guess this must be a way how my brain is dealing with it.

(Or the excuse is that I am simply too disturbed, because every time I turn around from my computer I see a massive head of Mr.Darwin.) With love Kat.



5 thoughts on “Post 6: One Day You Will Forget, Where You Left Your Head! 116 to go!

  1. You are so talented your sketch is detailed nad so very good.

  2. I’m totally with you on that inability to remember the immediate task at hand. I put it down to the fact that multi-tasking isn’t a very efficient way to work… but maybe I’m just shifting the blame away from myself 🙂

    Darwin looks super by the way! I can see you’ve worked on it more since the last post. Is he finished now? It looks like it to me.

  3. Hayley says:

    I forget things all the time, I’m so scatterbrained! Love the Darwin painting too.

  4. Louise says:

    I forget things all the time. Earlier I put the tea bag jar in the freezer. Why? Don’t ask! Lol

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  5. haha , im the type of person who is forgetful, sometimes been seen staring at a carton of milk that i have spilt on the floor instead of picking it up because i just LOST MY HEAD lol x

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