Day 60: Getting ready for winter! 32 days to go!

Kat doodles about life:

I am one very happy lady today. I have been freezing cold in our house for quite a few weeks. The reason for it is as the floors are still work in progress, the carpet is not exactly everywhere, so as you keep walking from room to room, the change in temperature is quite obvious. And since we try to keep the house shoes free (she coughs ehm ehm), I have realized two pairs of winter socks are no longer enough. So this morning I happened to be in town, so I decided to brave the shops and quickly get some tights, very excited to get some thermal ones, I will be testing them on my bicycle at 3am tonight, and also got those house slippers. And gosh they are lovely. I have slipped in and I have not taken them off since then. Quite honestly I would be even happy to go in them to work. Alright I know I am taking it to the extreme now, but they are just so warm! So here we are little Instagram photo of my feet, I know, how classy is that.  I just need that hot water bottle I have been meaning to get for years and I am totally ready for this winter of winters!


The rest of the day I spent planning my next two to three months and see much time I need to work, can work and have to work in other jobs and how much rather I want focus on my artistic work and move on with this search for the right job. I am realizing how much I have actually going on at the same time and things are getting in the way. I have spent time replying to people, but there is still quite a few to answer to as there are some more potential plans to be seen, and finally got that Linked In up and running again. With my next project I am planning to do I have also realized it takes time, when you are waiting for other people to reply and make decisions and then they forget or something goes wrong and the whole thing gets postponed without you even realizing. One thing I am learning thanks to David Allen, doing the back and for forth communication and task managing. I am one of those people: I want it now, let’s make it happen! If I get excited, there is no stopping. I reckon tomorrow or Sunday I will do a bit of  two third review as it is getting to this point now and I have not got long and need to really focus. That is all from me today. I hope you will have great Friday night or weekend, and I am back tomorrow. Kat xx

2 thoughts on “Day 60: Getting ready for winter! 32 days to go!

  1. The socks look really warm and comfy! Have a good weekend x

  2. eleonore mosimann says:

    got the same in black 😉 so comfyyyy xxxxx

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