Day 26: Welcome to the Maison Bentley Style Blog Party! 66 days to go!

Kat doodles about life:

Dear readers, since you are here most likely joining in with the Maison Bentley Style Blog Party, I would like to all welcome You dearly. The blog is called My journey on becoming full-time designer and it is exactly what it says on the tin! I have been blogging on and off for about two years (with rather more gaps than blog posts)and it has been only recently- probably in the last six moths- when I really got into it. And ever since being fed up of my life with four jobs and not much income, on 1st October I started a challenge to put my creative degree into full-time use and I am on fire ever since. Sometimes you just need that kick or slap or even both and that is exactly what happened to me, when I could not get the job I wanted purely because of not knowing how to drive. So ever since day 1, I have done my best to be productive, and then having to write about it in order to get that job (so if you have one for me, feel free to get in touch..:-). Obviously since this is daily challenge not every day my creative juices flow as well as during the others, but I hope this gives you some kind of idea and perhaps a kick to yourself about wanting to change your life and do something you always wanted. So feel free to join me in with the challenge whatever that dreams of yours is- giving up smoking, saving for a car or simply mastering your language skills or if you know any graduate, who does not know what to do with themselves finding the feet within the job market, send them to me!

Now since we are partying and celebrating new chapter in Maison Bentley Style Blog, I thought I show you some of my classic oldies, how I party in Czech style. Long gone are the days of dreadlocks,  too much drinking and nonstop party! My perfect night now is staying in with cup of tea, watching Xfactor, if I wouldn’t have to go to work on Friday and Saturday to work. Because to be honest when I finish at 3am, there is not enough time to get to the point of party spirit, where everyone is already by then. And after two glasses of wine I usually have enough… oh something tells me I getting old 🙂

Enjoy my blog and enjoy the party, Thanks for reading. Love Kat xx

So when it comes to Kat and a party…..

… there is always food involved …

552179_10150611683720518_1296366521_n 541797_10150611684350518_1479152171_n 5854_127802365517_3300461_n

… there is always some kind of alcohol involved … (or recently more cups of tea)


… there is always a bunch of crazy men around … (but really fun and lovely)



… and there is always me doing my usual cuddly, friendly, fun, hugging, sometimes emotional- thing …whatever it makes everyone happy in my company ...

281773_10150249507140518_6824796_n 2791_79748595517_6536414_n 1527_1068712430468_6427_n 337_28736585517_9479_n 79_23047700256_5717_n

See you soon. Kat xx

6 thoughts on “Day 26: Welcome to the Maison Bentley Style Blog Party! 66 days to go!

  1. Hello my lovely! What a FAB party we have here..just been to at Brissssol! ..honestly, I’m going to have to start a major fitness kick before Christmas otherwise I’ll never fit down the chimney with all this incredible food! Mines a long one with, who’s that interesting person over there? I think I need an introduction.. xxxx

    • katdesigner says:

      Thanks Kate! You blog post is great! I will be very honest and I continued the actual party (drinking orange juice) after last night’s shift into late early evening of today, I mean you’ve got to use the hour we gained, don’t you?! But I have been following on the progress via my phone. My next three days off and working properly through the list, looks very exciting. Introduction to person? Which one do you mean? I hope you had a great day xx

  2. jackiemallon says:

    I thought I’d stop by your party after Maison Bentley big bash for a wind down and because I’ll probably still be peckish and your food looks delicious and I’m always peckish. Hope you don’t mind and maybe I’ll have a game of whatever that is that you do with the guillotine. Is that what you Czechs do on a Saturday night? Fair enough, I’m game. I’d love a few recipes for those dishes too. We can discuss design over a mint tea––becasue digestion is important–– and then I’ll probably fall asleep sitting up in the armchair. What fun!

  3. katdesigner says:

    Hi Jackie, Thanks very much for the comment! I don’t know anyone, who has ever been hungry at my party, it is a number one priority! I can certainly share some of the recipes. Good idea for a blog post, keep following, I will put it on my list of topics to write about. Decorated breads are called “chlebicky”, there is always a bowl of potato salad “bramborovy salat” and classic favourite goulash “gulas”. Regarding the guilottine- it was a prop we found in a Royal Welsh College store for our second year “Circus Freaks” party. As a theatre designer you get to experience lot of interesting things… I dressed up as Medusa and put wires into dreadlocks. Do not ever attempt of doing that. Talk to you soon. xx

  4. KittNoir says:

    Hello! Here to join the party. I’ve brought you some magnolias and rose cupcakes x

  5. katdesigner says:

    Hello KittNoir! OOh Thank You very much for the lovely dessert! For fantastic cupcakes, recipes, classes and all sorts I suggest you check out one of my design clients Cake Couture by Stephanie
    Her cupcakes (and wedding cakes) are divine! It looks this post is turning into food blog 😀

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