About Kat

Hello from Bristol in the UK! In June 2004, three days after passing A-level exams, I packed my bag with three stones of stuff, left little town in central part of The Czech Republic and got onto adventures journey abroad, which many years later still has not finished yet. I lived in sorts of places, did all sorts of things and now I would like to start this blog about my journey when searching for my dream career and make it full-time one. I would like dedicate this to everyone, who is at the start of their professional journey and let them know that they are not alone.

Now after about a year of on and off blogging, I decided to start a challenge and get a full-time creative position or become fully self-employed in only just 92 days, officially by 31st December 2013. Again this is not just my challenge, but it is  for anyone who would like to achieve their dreams, whether it is saving money for holidays or learning new skill and need some support on the way. I will be trying to do something creative or useful in order to get here and then writing a post about it. Sharing my highs and lows plus suddenly discovered knowledge. Thank You all for reading. With love Kat xx

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Updated: 11th October 2013

6 thoughts on “About Kat

  1. Good luck with your challenge. Sounds like you are on the right path since you are following your dreams! I believe we should do what we love. Life is short after all x

  2. katdesigner says:

    Oh btw. I have sent you an e-mail just in case it gets lost in Spam folder. xx

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