“I noticed in your CV that you don’t drive currently?”

Kat doodles about life:

So today’s post is actually about something that happened last week, but it is in my head ever since and it feels like when you hear a song, but it is on the loop. It is increasingly getting on your nerves and it shouts out loud. ” I noticed in your CV that you don’t drive currently?”

The time has come. I have been avoiding to this ‘skill to must have ‘ for certain (well most of them) jobs for the last ten years.  And I have managed to become very creative about how to get things done, how shift stuff around and how quick I can become compare to bus, car or train commuters. Me and my bicycle are pretty much one item and I quite honestly I use it and abuse it, but then I treat it to a good service twice a year. I have been told so many times by my close and very wise friends that having a driving licence is certainly “that” thing, which will get me a better job or getting me home without getting wet at 3 am, when I finish at work and the list of reasons why goes on and on.

Well apart from enjoying the countryside views on my rides there are two reasons why I still haven’t pass the test. Firstly I don’t want to get fat. Or more fat than I am.  Or shall I be polite to myself and say large instead. Everyone, who knows me personally can confirm I love to eat. Pretty much anything and I don’t mean junk food. I just love food. Full stop. Oh the colours, the smell, the experience. Oh yes. So to keep going with my passion I am absolutely fine with having to ride to work and out and about for an hour a two a day and get sweaty. Plus the extra motivation of being paid for it why not. Why would you want to become one of those people, who drives around and then has to go to the gym and pay for it in order to stay trim, when you can do it for free.  And secondly I am terrified, well of the speed car can go. You will be laughing that comes from someone, who loves watching Formule 1 races and finds it incredibly exciting. Well it is the same person, it’s me.  Somehow I feel that on the bicycle you are in charge of that speed you are going.  Plus that freedom of you can go anywhere and become part of a road or cycle path or just simply part of the pavement if the traffic gets a bit too much for example those massive three lane roundabouts.

Two weeks ago I treated myself a new A3 printer, scanner thing and got really excited about updating my portfolio. Exactly around that time local interior design company posted an offer of paid interior design internship. How fantastic, I thought to myself, thinking the universe is sending some positive messages. Great e-mail communication with the owner of the company since the start. ‘Great, keep going’ I am thinking to myself whilst resizing images in Photoshop at 4 am, when the cold shower comes in… the e-mail says: … “I noticed in your CV that you don’t drive currently?”… It was like slap in a face. My attempt of cycling to Bath or getting a train and cycling just outside of Chepstow may have made impressive impact of ‘ I really want this and I will do anything’. Unfortunately the job role involves visiting clients even further away from these locations in the middle of countryside. You will  have to carry mood boards and pieces of furniture around. I guess they may not appeciatte me turning up in cycling shorts either.

So here we are. The truth no one wants to hear. ‘Sorry you can’t get the job, because you don’t drive. But I will keep you on file.’ How lovely. There is a hope? Writing this post is somehow encouraging for me to go and get in touch with that guy with dreadlocks (yes that special bond between all people ever owning dreadlocks including me), who owns a driving school and drove past me few months ago. He seems like cool and calm kind of guy, who could help me conquer my fear. It may sound stupid as anything, but if that is beginning of me passing a test and getting on the road in order to get that better paying job, I better start writing an e-mail to him right now.

Fun card I created for a friend.

Fun card I created for a friend.

29 thoughts on ““I noticed in your CV that you don’t drive currently?”

  1. amandajbathory says:

    The fear of driving, it is a concept that I am all too familiar with and I’ve been on the road for nearly ten years! While the thought of top speeds, careless antics of fellow drivers and a lapse in concentration, can feel like crippling obstacles (of which, I regrettably consider each time the engine switches on) the jubilation of independence far out weighs any of these worries. It is unfortunate that employment relies so heavily upon independent travel, especially with skype and remote capabilities. Why should you be expected to drive, when your skill and reputation speaks for itself? Why even drive, why not train then bike? It all boils down to perception, as you point out! I don’t know if this is good or bad, but in our arty and tactile line of work, nothing beats that personal touch and instills confidence and excitement! So, there is only one comprimise… Ever considered a motor bike with a side car? 😉

  2. clumsywithwords says:

    It happened to me as well, just recently. And I find it being a double standard since Sweden (where I live at the moment) is very opinionated on sustainability but still “makes” us drive.
    Good luck with the job search!

    • katdesigner says:

      Thank you for your comment Ivana, obviously not polluting the environment would be reason three.As an artist, who uses lot of chemicals and paints I do my best at least doing my bit by recycling as much as I can.

  3. Joel Wreford says:

    I guess that guy with dreadlocks and his own driving schools is me! I think I’m definitely the guy who can help you conquer your fear. Just because a car goes faster, doesn’t mean you won’t be in control of it. I’ll show you how if you want to have some lessons!

  4. […] P.S. And this is why I have to learn?! https://katdesigner.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/i-noticed-in-your-cv-that-you-dont-drive-currently/ […]

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  6. saedt says:

    I don’t drive either 😦 will start learning soon, I just hate it, and I am easily distracted, meh… I guess I have to do it as well

    • katdesigner says:

      Follow my other posts on my improvement. Some days are better than the others. For example 10 days ago I had my first driving lesson after 4 months break. It was perfect. Today it was a total disaster. Sometimes it is traffic, unsuitable shoes or just too much to think about at the same time. Make sure you research good and calm instructor, once you get going it is not actually as bad. I am really glad I have overcome my fears. I can see how much useful it will be for me.

      • saedt says:

        That’s motivating ^ ^ Thanks! I probably will go for an automatic gear license. Just dodge obstacles >.<

      • katdesigner says:

        Weirdly for me the gears are not obstacles at all. I am too harsh with pushing the brake. Good luck with everything. Feel free come back for support!

  7. MarinaSofia says:

    Sorry to hear that, but it does happen! Maybe there should be an anti-discrimination law about that.
    I remember when I applied for my first job in the UK, it was for a company which required me to drive a minivan to all the college campuses throughout England and Wales. At the time I didn’t have a licence (well, I’d had one abroad, it was no longer valid and I hadn’t ever really used it, so my driving skills were virtually nil). I nearly got offered the job (I explained I could convert my foreign licence oh so easily, forgetting to mention my actual lack of driving experience), but am now so glad I didn’t.

    • katdesigner says:

      That would be really useful, but now when I am learning I can see how beneficial driving is. If I work in the office with nothing to carry, I would happily cycle, but it is to ability of moving around when inconvenient. I know what you mean about changing the driving licence:-) I have one for motorbike and passed, when I was 15, but never used it, because of not needing it.

  8. iannic says:

    I changed careers recently and one thing I found was that for people that don’t drive it would be pretty tough to get a job in my line of work unless their employer had a car for staff to use (some do, and some don’t).
    Luckily for me I drive and it isn’t an issue but I do understand where you’re coming from regarding cycling and the lovely scenery that you get as well as keeping fit for free.

    You needn’t be scared of the speed though as remember it is still you that is in control of the car and so don’t have to tear up the roads at light speed and it will give you more freedom so to speak as you can travel to some place with you bike and have a lovely cycle around as well as carrying as much as you want.

    If attaining a job you want requires you to drive then I say go for it, don’t let your inner fears stop you from achieving your goals 🙂

    Good luck!

    • katdesigner says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I think I am just about getting there- being in charge of the car now. Few bumpy stops on the way, however I am getting there slowly, but surely. It is weird to learn new skill again, quite a while since I have been at school.

  9. lorilschafer says:

    Or you could start telling people you’re an environmentalist and don’t believe in using personal automobiles. You’re saving the planet – the rest of us aren’t.

  10. TechChucker says:

    Typically, I’m a huge proponent of everyone learning to drive (doesn’t mean you have to get a car, though) but your story just made me so sad. Sad that you’ve had to choose whether or not to take a job you seem to really want just because you’ve never learned to drive. I’m glad you’re working to learn to drive. It saddens me that you’re probably going to have to buy a car since you’ve been able to make it so long without. Not knowing the stuff you have to carry, could you get one of those bike cart things that parents use for their kids to carry your stuff? Granted, you’ll be sweatier and it’ll take even longer to travel, but perhaps that’s an option. I just truly enjoyed your story. Good luck with your driving lessons.

    • katdesigner says:

      Thank you very much for a great reply. The problem is I am trying to become an interior designer. The company I wanted to work for had two different offices. One I could get to on the bike, the other 3 hours of public transport and a bike later…, however the company being small, it was going to be very hands on job and it would require carrying mood boards, samples, furniture to remote areas, where clients live. I am now also looking into the option of hiring a car, once I get the licence and see how that could work practically. When working as a theatre designer it did affect a lot lot of the jobs I could do and how to carry all the tools and materials, but it got to the point now I can no longer function without it.

  11. serins says:

    Personally, I hate driving……but alas, in a city withought safe and reliable public transport – you don’t have a choice. It took me quite some time in driving classes (probably almost a year) before I passed the test, good luck to you.

    • katdesigner says:

      Thank you very much. Buses here are awful, therefore I cycled most of the time. I just had a quite a long break, so I reckon, it about a year too by the time I get to the exam. It is finding the time, money and getting things going.

  12. While I have never had the “I notice from your CV that you do not drive” I have seen far too many job ads for jobs that I know I could get to and for which travelling is not an integral part of the job that require driving licences. If it comes down to who is more likely to be where they should be at the appropriate time between me and Mr/Mrs/Ms A Driver, it is not even a contest – and it’s not the driver who wins!

    • katdesigner says:

      I wish I was in that position, I would not need to learn how to drive. Unfortunately Bristol is very hilly and the job was outside of reachable area by public transport. I could get there, but getting to clients in the middle of countryside would make it impossible.

  13. Love the photograph! I know I know. It’s so hard to do everything. Remember people have envy jealousy and at the very least their own agenda!

  14. thrig says:

    Driving? Oh perish the thought. I was last behind the wheel in 1997 I think, with the geology van sliding back down the hill as I tried to find the stoppy pedal (the other geologists did not believe I did not know how to drive). I presently try to limit myself to two trips by vehicle per year (alas these were already consumed this year in January), and otherwise walk everywhere I need to go. This does eliminate various employment options, but if they’re isolated out in some unwalkable car park, well…

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